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Think about the reasons to go vegetarian. Vegetarianism is a good way to lose weight! and help animals! for more reasons go to and get more information on vegetarianism.

learn all about the things you need each day. such as protein. find out other ways to get protein. Such as eating veggie burgers, tofu, beans and nuts. To make things easier I’ll tell you that you need 50 grams of protein. a few grams under won’t hurt you, but try your best to reach that number.

choose whether you want to cut out meat slowly or cut it out cold turkey! pardon the expression! If you have a sensitive stomach I recommend you cut meat out slowly. So your stomach has time to adjust.

Talk to your doctor if you feel strange. If you lose feeling in any part of your body. Then you HAVE to get more Protein!!!

Enjoy your new diet!! try making some of your favorite foods by replacing the meat with tofu or beans. Vegetarianism is all about trying new things! You’ll be surprised with all the good tasting vegetarian foods there are!