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Posted: January 17, 2008 in Thought

Okay I have always wanted to go vegetarian but I just wasn’t sure about it. Finally my best friend (who is a vegetarian) has convinced me to go vegetarian. I told my mother and I thought she was totally fine with it until I found out she isn’t taking me seriously at all. She will bring home food for us and she will buy me something that is meat. I have alread told her I am being serious and she still doesn’t get it. How do I convince her that I am making the transformation from eating meat to being a vegetarian?

The solution: You need to talk to your mom about your decision. If she buys something with meat in it, just politely say you have decided not to eat meat any more, a simple “No thanks, I’m not eating meat.” coveys the message quickly and simply.

Your mom may be fine with your decision, but sometimes parents don’t take everything their children say serious the first time. She could think that you were just saying it, and going to change your mind by dinner time. Show her that you are serious and don’t eat meat.

With all that said, you cannot expect her to drive to two different places to accommodate your choice. If she is buying Burger King for herself or your siblings, you cannot get mad if she doesn’t stop at a different place for you. When she goes shopping, go along and get the things you need to cook for dinner. If she is willing to cook for you than that is fine, but it is not something that should be expected. Get a few easy teen cook books and learn how to prepare meals for yourself.

The best way to convince someone you are serious is through your actions. Your words are going to mean nothing if your actions say something different. Stick to your choice and there is no need to convice her, she will just understand.

Find a time when your mom is relaxed and not too busy or stressed out. Explain to her (calmly, non-defensively, but firmly) why going vegetarian is important to you. Try to figure out what her concerns are and then address them.. if she’s worried about health, show her this:…

If she’s worried about having to cook extra meals for you, explain that you’re willing to help with cooking or even cook your own meals.

Remember that she cannot force you to put meat in your mouth… she can try to guilt trip you all she wants, but if you stand your ground, eventually she will realize how important vegetarianism is to you. Good luck.