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What happen if we drink too much water?

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Food

I always heard of people telling me to drink water because everytime when they sees me and they notice that I have some acne on my face. Which is very annoying sometimes. So I drink alot of water lately. Sometimes I drink 6 bottles of water at one time. And some more later on. There are days I would drink 13 bottles of water. Which constain .5 liters in a bottle. Do you think it’s bad to do that… I always heard people telling me water is good and all. So I got a little obssessed about water. But I notice when I drink too much water, I started feeling confuse. Do you think water is bad if one is taking too much of it.

You can overload your body with too much water. You may be suffering from what is called “water intoxication” It’s great that you drink a lot of it, but the reccomendation is 8 cups a day.

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