Body Weight

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Health

Everyone carries weight differently. What’s more important than the number on your scale is how you feel. As long as you exercise some, take care of yourself and feel happy with yourself throw the scale out the window 🙂

Like my friend told on holiday and body weight. Honestly, I do not think that is fat at all. Many women (and men) would consider that to be a very healthy weight and height. However, it is common for you to have reservations about your weight and questions about your diet like most women.

Jonny Bowden (MA, CN, CNS) states

“The look of your body and the performance you get from it has a lot more to do with body composition than with weight. It’s perfectly possible to be “over fat” and underweight, and it’s perfectly possible to be a gorgeous hunk of shining muscle and be technically “overweight” (most of the athletes you see in the Olympics are way over what that general formula would say is the “right” weight). That’s because general formulas don’t take into account muscle versus fat. They also don’t take into account the significant leeway of individual differences. There’s quite a range of weights over and under the “perfect number” at which you can be really, really healthy and really, really gorgeous. ”

iVillage has great insight like this and much more. In fact they have a great Body Mass Index calculator that should give you your ideal weight and tips on staying healthy and fabulous.


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